In April 2016 a team of six pharmacists from Brighton were invited to visit colleagues at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Department of Pharmacy and also the University of Zambia Department of Pharmacy. The main aim of this visit was to develop partnerships and collaboration towards enhancing the quality of pharmacy practice and education bilaterally. A number of areas were identified which had potential for development of partnerships and collaborative projects.  This visit was reciprocated in the autumn of 2017 when a team of pharmacists from UTH visited Brighton to develop joint activities around knowledge-sharing and best practice in both the practice of pharmacy as well as education.  The role of the pharmacist tackling anti-microbial resistance is a particular focus of the group. Many germs that cause serious infections have become resistant to the antibiotics used to treat them (called antimicrobial resistance or AMR) and this is a major global problem.  Many factors contribute to AMR and its spread around the world, one of which is the inappropriate use of antibiotics.  Pharmacists are in a key position to have impact here and the Brighton Lusaka Pharmacy Link is focusing on ways to reduce the overuse of antibiotics in hospital settings, both in Zambia and the UK, and on capacity building amongst healthcare professionals. Read more about the pharmacy project here


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The Commonwealth Pharmacists Association announces the launch of a
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