The anaesthetic link has been running since 2015 as BrightZAP (Brighton Zambia Anaesthesia Partnership) and works closely with Clinical Officers in Anaesthesia (COAs) from across Zambia. The BrightZAP team have delivered several well received multidisciplinary CPD conferences and workshops to both Physicians and COAs, and are working with the Zambian Ministry of Health to develop a new BSc in Anaesthesia to help recruit and retain more skilled anaesthesia providers.

Delegates have particularly enjoyed the multidisciplinary nature of the events organised to date, and the interactive nature of the workshops. Improving the communication, camaraderie and professional status of COAs throughout Zambia remains one of our most important objectives. Combined with the high quality of our consultant delivered training, we believe that the BrightZAP initiatives are delivering immediate patient safety and quality improvement results, as well as contributing to the longer term needs of safe surgery in Zambia by increasing the number and skill level of qualified anaesthesia providers.

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